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if u send me oc asks or oc headcanons or acknowledge my ocs in any way i will marry u

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I’m tired. #eternalsleep

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Life feels pretty shitty right now



what happens when a senpai likes a senpai


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Hello guys! 
I’ve got a portfolio update! :D 

I fell in love with Krysta Rodriguez and her performance in The Addams Family Broadway Musical a few months ago… and I thought it would be fun to explore my own take on the Addams Family… and well… here it is! haha xD  

This truly was a learning experience for me because I can clearly see how much I need to improve and how far away I am from where I want to be.. However I’m glad I pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone! It was well worth it.

Lastly, I wanna thank my amazing teachers/mentors who walked me through this process these past few months! I owe all I’ve learned to them <3 

I will be posting Part 2 of the portfolio shortly so stay tuned! 
OR you can check it out at if you want :)  

Thank you guys <3 

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when you realize we all turned into squidward

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i’m really good at making plans and then not wanting to do them when the time comes

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i wish that there were more hours in a day and boys were nice and bread didnt make you fat

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